All Saints Blackbutt South — Faith Communities of Adamstown, Cardiff and Kotara

Appointment to the Ecclesiastical Office of Parish Priest of Blackbutt South

(All Saints)

Fr Joseph Figurado was installed as our Parish Administrator on 29th February last year by Bishop Bill Wright for a 12 month period.  He has now been appointed as Parish Priest for a period of six years from 1st March 2021 to 28th February 2027 by the Decree of the Vicar General of Maitland-Newcastle. We congratulate him on this appointment and offer our prayers and support...

“Service flows from prayer.  We are only able to serve others to the degree that we are connected to Jesus, according to the grace we have received. We cannot hope to help other apart from Jesus.  Sometimes, we may feel far from Jesus, but this should not be an obstacle. At these times we can turn to Him with humility and do the humble work.”   Mother Theresa.

Dear Parishioners—Greetings in the Lord,

The above is the answer for many queries which you have been asking! I’m really humbled and honoured to receive this “Service Title” Parish Priest.  As I began  before 12 Months ago with this “ A humble Service with a Smile”.  As you all know, Our Parish is our Family, Let us try to create a Family of God for the service of others.  Let us try this together, in the presence of God we are children of His.

All Praise and thanks to God, With Prayers and Love in the Lord,

Fr Joseph Figurado Parish Priest

Year of St Joseph 

Dear Parishioners, Principals, APs, RECs, Teachers and Parents


I understand the reality that we are living a “rollercoaster” life, especially at the beginning of the school year!! The most popular word, after COVID-19 I heard the word  “Busy”.  In this “busy”  running there is Lent, Synod, parish life, family life, school life, activities, meetings, zoom, Vaccine and scheduled pattern of life, exercise, etc.!!

I need extra set of wheels fitted under my feet!!  My past week was a sensational Marathon!!  So, think of this as a prelude!!  Now the main Trailer!  I kindly request all our parishioners, parents and school communities to become aware of our Parish’s Synodal Process.  Feel free to join our zoom and direct preparatory sessions hosted by our parish Synod representatives and come forward to take part in these sessions.

Further, on March 19, The Solemnity of St Joseph, Spouse of Mary, would be celebrated as an essential Solemnity in this YEAR OF ST JOSEPH.  As I have already indicated, the weekend Masses 21/03/2021 would be marked as Parish Joint Celebrations of St Joseph’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Family Day.

Given these above festivities there will be an ART competition from 2.00pm to 5.00 pm at Kotara.  We are inviting all our art teachers and previous art competition groups to come along and help in this endeavour. Gifts and Certificates from the parish will be announced in following bulletins

Fr Joseph Figurado







Fr Joseph Figurado 


Anna Bojkowski (Secretary)

Louise Byron (Secretary)

Weekend Masses / Liturgies 

ADAMSTOWN: Sunday 8am

CARDIFF:  Sunday 9.30am

KOTARA:  Saturday 5.30pm 

Weekday Masses / Liturgies

ADAMSTOWN: Tuesday 9.30am; Wednesday 9.30am

CARDIFF: Thursday 9.30am

KOTARA: Wednesday 7am; Friday 9.15am

Reconciliation / Spiritual Needs 

Fr Joseph available by appointment Saturdays from 11 till 3pm



Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

St. Kevin’s School, Cardiff

St. James’ School, Kotara

St. Columba’s School, Adamstown

St. Paul’s High, Booragul

St. Pius X High, Adamstown

St. Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton

Parish Primary Schools

St Kevin’s Primary School Cardiff

PO Box 116, CARDIFF NSW 2285
Phone: (02) 4954 0036
Fax: (02) 4954 3282

Principal:  Mrs Mary-Anne Jennings

St James Primary School

Vista Parade, Kotara NSW 2289
Phone: (02) 4952 2414
Fax: (02) 4957 0597

Principal: Jennifer Edstein-Boyes

St Columba’s Primary School Adamstown

Lockyer Street, Adamstown NSW 2289
Phone: (02) 4952 1642
Fax: (02) 4952 2225

Principal: Jenny Howard              

School enrolments please contact Principal


PARISH OFFICE – Located at St Kevin’s Cottage

230 Main Road
Phone: 4954 0977
Fax: 4956 7168


PO Box 233, CARDIFF NSW 2285
Louise Byron and Anna Bojkowski
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9.00am – 3.00 pm
(Closed 12 noon till 1pm)